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Trimming Branches and Foliage to Reduce Your Tree’s Weight in Sacramento

When you think about losing weight, the trees in your yard might not be the first thing that come to mind. Tree weight reduction is a great option, however, for trees that are too dense. Forrest Tree Service can provide the service necessary through strategic branch removal and canopy thinning in Sacramento, which can make your landscape's foliage lighter and more energetic. The end-limb weight reduction is achieved through a series of steps, which include:

  • Removing branches that are thin and unstable
  • Establishing strategic gaps in the crown
  • Paying attention to all potential risks throughout procedure
  • Keeping trees upright throughout the process

The results of thinning are often unbelievable. In addition to a more beautiful look, you can enjoy many benefits including:

  • Reducing potential for vigorous growth
  • Preventing later damage that may occur
  • Creating a balanced weight throughout whole tree
  • Ensuring that regrowth will be healthy

​With our help, your landscaping can be immediately improved. When you find your trees in need of weight control, our experts have a solution.

tree trimming

Professional Service for Healthy Greenery

If you have trees in your yard or on your business’ property that are too big and too heavy, you might be wondering that the solution is. If left as they are, the problem will only worsen as they continue to grow. You can address the problem by investing in tree weight reduction for properties in the greater Sacramento area. Forrest Tree Service offers this and a range of other arborist services, including stump removal. Whether you need ongoing service or help with a single shrub or sapling, we can work with you to provide the care you require. For more information, call 916-900-1859 and arrange an appointment with us.