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Caring for and Maintaining Fruit Trees in Sacramento

Comprehensive care is an essential aspect of ensuring that your trees produce the bounty you are counting on. When you need fruit tree service, calling just anybody could result in damage to your backyard orchard by somebody who lacks the necessary specialization. When you call Forrest Tree Service, however, you can be sure you will receive service from professionals who are knowledgeable, professional, understanding and experienced. We offer services such as fertilization, trimming and pruning for trees in the greater Sacramento area, including all of these basic essentials of fruit tree care:

  • Water only as regularly as is necessary for your plants
  • If the trunk needs support, stake it carefully
  • Prune only if there are dead branches that need removal
  • Care for the soil surrounding the tree and keep it fertilized
  • Ward off common pests and insects that may prey on the leaves or wood

You can always get more care tips from your tree care professionals. We are glad to help you with whatever issue you and your trees may have.

fruit tree care

Keep Your Orchard Fruitful

Few sights are as beautiful as fruit trees in full bloom. Whether you have plans for apples, oranges or some other delectable treat, you will need expert fruit tree care to see the results of your effort. That’s exactly what Forrest Tree Service offers to clients in the greater Sacramento area. We can help you plant, nurture, grow and harvest trees, so no matter what fruits you favor, we can ensure your trees are on track. We also provide services such as tree weight reduction. For professional arborist services of every kind, you can trust our team of experts. Call us at 916-900-1859 if you would like to arrange an estimate.